Friday, January 30, 2009

140 days until World Changers!!

But guess what I am going to see that movie Unborn. I am so excited to go see it. I will let everyone know how it was. So I am about to leave. BYE BYE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My very exciting week..... not

Well I have not figured out how to upload pics yet but I am getting there. 

But anyway. I went to this concert Sunday and we didn't get good seats and we couldn't hear good. But It was a really good concert the parts i could here. But other than that there is nothing new. 

Well yeah there is. Its tragic tho. Well Saturday night I was laying in bed and my phone vibrated and I looked at it and I saw it was a forward. So I was reading and it said that Richard King was in a car accident. And then I got about three more. And it didn't tell me if it was fatal or not so I texted his brothers fiances sister and she had told me that he had dies in the ambulance on  the way to the hospital!.I don't know the whole story so I am not gonna mess it up trying to tell it. All I know is that he hit a dog and he was laying out in the middle of the road an someone was coming on and hit him thinking that is was the dog but you can tell if you hit a dog or the person. So they done the DNA test on her car and found out i t was Richard's. So the woman was in jail with a 30,000 dollar bail and someone bailed her out. But I think that she will end up back in jail without a bail. But yeah just keep the King family in ur prayers. And he was well known so a bunch of people are very sad!  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry It Has Been SOOOOOOOOOO Long!!! :):):):):)

Srry. But I have been sooooooooooooooooo busy!!!!!!!!! You just know. I had a lot with band. oh and by the way I won third at state competitions. It was awesome. I will have to take some pics of my medal. 

I cant wait till christmas. Me and my family are going to Pennsylvania. We have other family that lives there. I cant wait to see them all. 

A lot has happened since June. My little cousin came in for Thanksgiving. And I was so excited to see her. This was the first time I have got to se her since she was born!! She is the sweetest little girl I have ever seen. It took her some time to get used to me tho but she was a really good baby. My aunt gave her a bath and she loved it! We got her this little onesy and and it had ladybugs on the foots. And my little sister got her a bathrobe and she was so cute in it! I wish she lived here. 

The only thing I want for christmas is texting and a digital camera tho. And some i tunes cards!!!  And with the money that I get for christmas I am going to get a The North Face jacket and it I thing is going to be blue! But I don't know if I am going to get it yet!!! 

Well I will post some pics when I get my digital camera if I even get it!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sorry it has been soooooo long. I dont really get on this thing much anymore. I have this thing called Faith Freaks. I get on it all the time. 

I got out of school. Now the next thing I have to do is Band Camp. I get to play at the Football games now since I am in High School. I am sooooooo excited. 
We went to the Mountians a couple weeks ago. Here are somr pics from when we went. I had so much fun. 

Then I went to this thing called World Changers. It is whre you go and witness the word of God and work on peoples houses. The labor is provided by World Changers. It was fun too. I would post pics but I will do that later. 

Monday, June 2, 2008

Really Bored

Only 3 more days till school is out. 

Today was a pretty good day. 

This saturday I am leaving fot the mountians. Then the next saturday I am going to Augusta to work on peoples houses. It is a project for my church. I am already getting ready for that. 

I get to leave school tomorrow early. Then Wednesday and Thursday are half days. IDK if I am going to school. I am really bored if you cant tell. 

Well tata for now.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Birthday:):):):):)

I had a great birthday. Me and my friend Lisa and Stefne went to see Made of Honor. It wasnt the best movie I have ever seen but it was good. 

I got a new comforter for my bed and it is like purple, green, blue. It matches my room. I like it alot. I got forty dollars of itunes gift cards. I have already spent them. I got a pillow that is all furry. And it is all the colors of my comforter. I got that from my sister. I got the DVD that I asked for which is 27 Dresses. I love that movie. Thanks Aunt Kelly.

At school on Tuesday I had EOC which stands for end of course. It was hard. Our schuldule has been weird so I had PE for 2 hours today and it was sooooooooooo fun. One of my Friends hurt her knee and had to be sent to the nurse in a wheel chair. She is ok now I think:):):):):)

Tonight I have church and we are gonig to go get ice cream for my birthday. 

Next weekend I go on vacation to the mountians. 

Sunday My family got togethher and ate for my actual birthday party. My grandmas dog was sick so she had to eat and run. 

I dont have any pics of my birthday thing but I will try to get some. 

Only 5 days till school is out.  


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun day tomorrow:):):):):):):):)

Srry I havent posted in like a couple days. I dont have anything to talk about except that I am going to Carowinds tomorrow. It is an ammusment park. The school is taking us. It is gonna be really fun I got some friends together and we are gonna ride Top Gun on the front row together. That is the highest ride there. 

My b-day is in 3 days. Me and my other friend are getting together to go watch a movie. Tha tsame friend is the one that is going ont he ride with me.